home fire ovals

Manufactured quality fuel with great characteristics of high heat and long burning. home fire ovals suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves also suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas

Find a Crewing Company

Improving life onboard can be achieved by the addition the right personnel, and if it is a short term problem then a Crewing Company can be a good way to obtain them. With the right checks it can be possible to find the right people.

Camping Foods For Vegetarians

Whatever type of trip you are embarking on you need nutritional vegetarian camping food with high calorific value that tastes great. Our specialism is exactly that, no other camping food contains as much energy as ours, a fact you will appreciate as you stay more alert, feel less tired and keep going for longer as a result. If you are more alert you will make better decisions and get more from your trip. Buy the best camping food on the market today.

Event security number 1

As in all other areas of our operations all of our dedicated staff are fully trained in event Protection, Security, Car Parking, First Aid and Fire duties for all manner of events from concerts to corporate shooting days, sporting events to summer balls. ProSec are probably the number one event security doncaster based firm

Treatments For Getting Rid of Head Lice

Do not underestimate the mighty power of nits and lice. Infestations deeply affect children - their performance in class, their relationships at home and school, their self esteem and confidence, hence read on for our head lice treatments.

Tails and Swags

The Swag and Tail Design and Pattern Book has 73 black-and-white design ideas for different combinations of swags and tails. Simply choose your favourite design and follow through the rest of the step-by-step instructions to make perfect swags and tails.

Sealer For External and Internal Flooring

Our products are not the cheap silicone or resin pore blockers, they are high quality resin impregnators and floor sealers designed for outstanding looks and exceptional performance.


Bees, Hives and Colonies

"Management of a Honeybee Colony with the Dartington Long Deep Hive"

"Beekeeping needs to be economical, convenient and safe if it is to flourish in the year 2001 and beyond.
The British Standard hive - "The National" - was introduced some eighty years ago and has served well. Since then however, our understanding of bees, the climate and indeed the whole way in which we live, have all changed considerably. Placing all the honey storage above the brood box makes the National arduous to operate, as all this weight must be moved every time the brood needs to be inspected.
This booklet explains how to manage the Dartington Long Deep Hive, whose body provides the same volume as two standard National bodies plus two honey supers placed side by side. At first sight it may appear a large hive - but the overall volume when its four honey-boxes are in place is in fact 4% less than a National in mid-summer, when two brood boxes and four supers are needed for swarm control and honey storage.

The Long DeepHhive has been used continuously by Robin Dartington since 1975, but never in sufficient numbers for evaluation. It is hoped that beekeepers across Britain will conduct their own tests and publish their experience for the benefit of beekeeping generally.




A beehive is an enclosed structure in which some honey bee species of the genus live and raise their young. Natural beehives (typically referred to simply as "nests") are naturally-occurring structures occupied by honey bee colonies, while domesticated honey bees live in man-made beehives, often in an apiary. These man-made structures are typically referred to as "beehives". Only species of the subgenus Apis live in hives, but only the western honey bee (Apis mellifera) and the eastern honey bee (Apis cerana) are domesticated by humans.

Bee Colony

The bee colony optimization algorithm is inspired by the behaviour of a honey bee colony in nectar collection. This biologically inspired approach is currently being employed to solve continuous optimization problems, training neural networks, mechanical and electronic components design optimization, combinatorial optimization problems such as job shop scheduling, the internet server optimization problem, the travelling salesman problem, etc.